Latest development
July 2023

Follow-up visits finalized

By the end of July, the two-year follow-up visits of 2000HIV participants were concluded in all 4 study sites. We'd like to thank all participants for their active and invaluable contribution to the project.

March 2023

CROI Conference 2023

On February 19th through 22nd 2023, a delegation of six researchers from the 2000HIV project attended the CROI conference in Seattle, WA.

October 2022

2000HIV general assembly meeting 2022

Another fruitful general assembly meeting was held at hotel the Holthurnsche Hof in Berg en Dal. It was wonderful to be together again face-to-face with all the collaborators of the project. Many first analyses with -omics data were shown and future plans were shared.

October 2021 – October 2023

Follow-up visits

During this time we will see participants again for follow-up visits and sample collection. Most importantly, it provides important endpoints which allows us to study risks of non-AIDS comorbidities.

October 2021

Baseline visits concluded

In total 1895 participants were included in the study. We’d like to thank all participants for investing time in this state-of-the-art observational study on HIV. Participants underwent several (non-invasive) clinical assessments, blood draw, interview with the research physician and filled out extensive questionnaires, which all provided a wealth of research data. Thank you!

September 2021

2000HIV general assembly meeting 2021

This 2021 general assembly meeting was a hybrid meeting organized at the Van der Valk Hotel in Lent. It was good to update all collaborators on the ongoing inclusions and present plans for the next years. Baseline inclusions are almost finished and focus will be on collecting and generating data, run necessary quality controls and start with first analyses.

January 2021

1000th study participant included

We celebrated including the 1000th study participant! It is amazing to see the willingness of people living with HIV to participate and in this way make invaluable contributions to HIV research. Thank you!

April 2020

Online 2000HIV general assembly meeting 2020

With a small group of collaborators we met online to discuss progress of the project and the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 lockdowns.

March-June 2020

Inclusion stop due to COVID-19 lock-down

Inclusions were temporarily terminated in all centers due to the national lock-down. After guidelines were eased up in the summer of 2020, we adhered to local hospital guidelines in order to start up inclusions again slowly in a responsible way.

October 2019

First inclusion of 2000HIV study participant

Inclusions were first started in Radboudumc. By the end of 2019, inclusions had kicked off in all participating medical centers: Radboudumc in Nijmegen, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis in Tilburg, Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, and OLVG in Amsterdam.

September 2019

2000HIV Kick-off meeting

With a small group of collaborating partners we met face-to-face at Radboudumc to present plans, protocols and logistics for start of the 2000HIV project in October.

January 2019

Start of the 2000HIV project

Getting ready to build a laboratory for the extensive workflow, setting up collaborations, preparing study sites and recruit an amazing team for the job