A comprehensive list of all 200HIV pilot study or 2000HIV project publications

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Monocytes of HIV-1 elite controllers and relatives show enhanced trained immunity

16 februari 2023 | by Albert Groenendijk | Abstract accepted for poster presentation, CROI 19-22 February 2023
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The multi-omics 2000HIV study: design, methods and patient characteristics

20 december 2022 | by W.A.J.W. Vos, A.L. Groenendijk, M.J.T. Blauw, et al. | Frontiers Immunology – Sec. Viral Immunology, volume 13
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Prevalence of traditional cardiovascular risk factors and guideline adherence in prevention of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV in the Netherlands

22 november 2022 | by Marc Blaauw | Abstract accepted for poster presentation, NCHIV 22 November 2022
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Non-AIDS Events in Individuals With Spontaneous Control of HIV-1: A Systematic Review

1 november 2022 | by A.L. Groenendijk, W.A.J.W. Vos, J.C. Dos Santos, et al. | JAIDS, 91(3):242-250
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Targeted plasma proteomics reveals upregulation of distinct inflammatory pathways in people living with HIV

21 oktober 2022 | by N. Vadaq, L. van der Wijer, L. van Eekeren, et al. | iScience, 25(10)
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Microbiome-Related Indole and Serotonin Metabolites are Linked to Inflammation and Psychiatric Symptoms in People Living with HIV

27 september 2022 | by N. Vadaq, Y. Zhang, E. Meeder, et al. | Int J Tryptophan Res
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Comprehensive phenotyping of circulating immune cell subsets in people living with HIV

16 augustus 2022 | by A. Navas, L. van de Wijer, M.C.P. Jacobs-Cleophas, et al. | Journal of Immunological Methods, Vol. 507
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Host genetic variants regulates CCR5 expression on immune cells: a study in people living with HIV and healthy controls

29 juli 2022 | by Jéssica dos Santos | Abstract accepted for e-poster, 24th International AIDS Society Conference, 29 July - 2 August 2022
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People with HIV have higher percentages of circulating CCR5+ CD8+ T cells and lower percentages CCR5+ regulatory T cells

6 juli 2022 | by L. van Eekeren, V. Matzaraki, Z. Zhang, et al. | Scientific Reports, 12(1)
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Comprehensive phenotyping of immune cell subsets from whole blood in people living with HIV

14 juni 2022 | by Adriana Navas | Invited speaker, Beckman Coulter European CytoFLEX Platform meeting, 14-15 June 2022
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