Let’s meet at CROI 2023!

16 februari 2023

This year the 2000HIV study group is well-represented during the poster sessions of the Conference of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), which takes place from 19-23 February 2023 at the Summit Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. Come visit our posters and meet the team!

    COVID-19 vaccination impacts functional immune responses and plasma proteome in PLHIV
    Twan Otten, Poster number D7-371
    Monocytes of HIV-1 elite controllers and relatives show enhanced trained immunity
    Albert Groenendijk, Poster number 313
    Psychiatric symptoms in PLHIV: prevalences, interactions and consequences
    Elise Meeder, Poster number 472
    Prevalence and factors associated with NAFLD in people with HIV
    Louise van Eekeren, Poster number
    Trained immunity features in NK cells of HIV-1 elite controllers
    Jéssica dos Santos, Poster number 314
    Metabolic profiling shows more lipid abnormalities in NNRTI compared to INSTI users Willem Vos, Poster number 676