HIV Cure Symposium Ghent

18 september 2023

On September 11th and 12th, a delegation of six researchers from Nijmegen visited the HIV cure symposium in Ghent. This was an excellent opportunity to make plans for the analysis of the upcoming data on the HIV viral reservoir for all individuals of the 2000HIV cohort. After a fruitful discussion on how we can use the available multi-omics data to understand what determines the size and composition the viral reservoir, we enjoyed the symposium together.

This year’s symposium provided a nice overview of the current developments in the field of HIV cure and novel techniques to measure and understand the size, composition, and activity of the viral reservoir. These two days were packed with very interesting talks, delivered by speakers from all over the world. The group from Nijmegen left Ghent very inspired by the symposium, and very excited to start working on the viral reservoir together