Come meet us in Denver at the CROI Conference!

23 februari 2024

It is almost here, the CROI conference on 3-6 March 2024: the 2000HIV team is traveling to Denver to immerse ourselves in the latest HIV-related research and share all the results coming out of the 2000HIV project so far.

No less than 12 abstracts from the 2000HIV project will be presented during the poster sessions. Hope to meet you there!

      Monday 4 March 2024, 2:30-4:00 pm

Poster No. 319, Session B1 | Correlates of HIV transmission and control
Genetic Variants Associated to HIV Control Are Associated With NK Cell Markers and Response to CMV | Suzanne Ruijten

Poster No. 324, Session B2 | HIV Immunopathogenesis
Low SKAP1 Levels Indicates a Potential New Mechanism in HIV Immunological Non-Responders | Willem Vos

Poster No. 770, Session K1 | Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers
Activated and exhausted CD8+ T Cell subsets associate with carotid atherosclerotic plaques in PLHIV | Marc Blaauw

      Tuesday 5 March 2024, 2:30-4:00 pm

Poster No. 783 (Late-breaker), Session K2 | Cardiovascular Disease Trends and Risk Factor Modification
Residual HIV Viremia Doubles Cardiovascular Disease Incidence Independent of Classic Risk Factors | Twan Otten

Poster No. 817, Session L4 | Antiretroviral Therapy: Immunologic Effects
Transcriptomics and Proteomics Reveal Differential Pathways in DTG/3TC versus Three-drug Regimens in PLHIV | Victoria Ríos Vázquez

      Wednesday 6 March 2024, 2:30-4:00 pm

Poster No. 361, Session B6 | Correlates of HIV Infection Outcome
Distinct Plasma Protein Changes Precede Loss of Spontaneous HIV Control | Nadira Vadaq

Poster No. 437, Session C8 | NK and T-cell Responses to HIV
Immunological Non-Responders have CD4+ Immunosenescence and Impaired Lymphocyte Cytokine production | Willem Vos

Poster No. 442, Session C8 | NK and T-cell Responses to HIV
Trained immunity in monocytes is associated with persistent Elite Controller status | Jéssica dos Santos

Poster No. 448, Session C9 | Inflammation and Innate Immunity to HIV/SIV
Cannabis-Induced Changes in DNA Methylation Mediate Immune Response in PLHIV | Xun Jiang

Poster No. 449, Session C9 | Inflammation and Innate Immunity to HIV/SIV
Immunomodulatory effects of cannabis use in PLHIV | Elise Meeder

Poster No. 515, Session D7 | Correlates of HIV Reservoir Size
Host and Viral Factors Shape the Composition of the HIV-1 Viral Reservoir in the 2000HIV CohortMareva Delporte

Poster No. 747, Session I5 | HIV and Steatotic Liver Disease
Plasma Proteomics Signature of People Living With HIV, With NAFLD, With and Without Obesity | Louise van Eekeren