Towards a more personalized approach to the best standard of care and potential cure for PLHIV

2000HIV is part of the human functional genomics project (HFGP) that aims to improve our understanding of the variability of immune responses in human population. Exploring how this variability relates to susceptibility to immune mediated diseases and to the response to immune based therapies.

The 2000HIV study aims to discover new biological pathways and identify biomarkers that play a role in:

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The 2000HIV project collaborations

Our multidisciplinary research team consists of researchers from academic institutions in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Belgium, as well as VIIV Healthcare®.


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High-throughput proteomic analysis reveals systemic dysregulation in virally suppressed people living with HIV

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Targeted plasma proteomics identifies MICA and IL1R1 proteins associated with HIV-1 reservoir size

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